My Credit Cards Arsenal (6) – Bank of America Alaska Airlines Visa Signature

Alaska Airlines is unique, since it is not belonging to any of the three major airline alliances. It is unique, also because even though it is not an airline alliance, you can earn and redeem Alaska Airline miles on airlines such as American Airlines, British Airways, Air France, Korean Air, and Delta.

On the application page of the Bank of America Alaska Airlines Visa Signature card, you can see that they emphasize this codeshare agreements with other airline partners:


The benefits provided by this card is nice and simple, for the Visa Signature version:


  • Earn 25,000 bonus miles upon account approval is good, since you don’t have the burden to spend certain amount of cash to retrieve these miles. This is the easiest way to pile some miles. My experience is that I even had the miles posted before receiving my card!
  • On card approval and every year after, the card holder will receive an annual round-trip COACH companion fare on Alaska Airlines, from $121 which is $99 base fare and $22 taxes and fees. The companion has to 1) travel with the cardholder 2) on a paid published coach airfare 3) on the same itinerary booked at the same time. I think this is the simple most beneficial point for this card, since you can always find value by using this companion ticket, especially during the peak time.
  • Earn 3 miles on purchases of Alaska tickets, vacation packages and cargo. This is not a bad earning rate for flying Alaska.
  • The first free checked bag benefit was added this year and it is good for the primary cardholder and up to 6 companions travelling on the same reservation. It is good also because you don’t have to pay with this card to receive the benefit!
  • $75 annual fee, which can be well covered if the companion fare is used properly.

There are two other versions of the card: Platinum Plus and Classic, which offer less bonus miles for account approval and less benefits than the Visa Signature version. According to the term:

You understand that your credit line will be determined based on your creditworthiness and your account type will be determined based on your approved credit line as follows: if your application is approved with a credit line that is greater than or equal to $5,000, you will receive a Visa Signature® account; if your credit line is less than $5,000, but greater than or equal to $2,000, you will receive a Platinum Plus® account; if your credit line is less than $2,000, you will receive a Classic account.

I love Alaska, since I live in the west and Alaska is starting to focus on Salt Lake City. Delta is competing with them in Seattle so that Alaska is fight back to take over Salt Lake City since it is a Delta hub. Competition is good since the customers will benefit from this. I love Alaska also because I like the products and the services. Last year we used the companion tickets for Hawaii during Christmas, and we were quite satisfied at their services and the food on board!


Now it’s time to think about where to spend our companion fare!


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