Sunday Feast with Steak and How to Cook Perfect Steak!

Sunday is the day for resting and relaxing the body, but not the day to rest the stomach for the foodie couple! And we are having steak for lunch!

We love steaks, they are delicious and flavorful, satisfying to eat, easy to cook, and nutritious for our body. But how to cook the best steak at home?

I had watched a video long time ago on how to cook perfect steak, presented by Michelin-Starred Chef Heston Blumenthal.

In his video, he recommends the following steps to cook PERFECT steak:

1. Choose the right cut of steak, thick enough and with nice fat marbling.

He recommended sirloin and ribeye, and we will use the New York Strip and the Top Sirloin. The garlic by the side are for extra flavors, recommended by the foodie couple! 🙂


2. Take the steak out of the package and put them on a cake rack or tray, then put them in the fridge for 2 days. Doing this will make the surface of the steak dry so that the juice can be locked inside and flavor can be concentrated.

From our experiences, doing this for a half day will still get the job done. And we don’t want to have the raw meat in the fridge for a long time!

3. Before cooking, take the steak out of the fridge and let it stay for some time so that the steak can come to room temperature. Doing this guarantees that the center can get to proper temperature before the surface gets burnt.

4. Start with a really hot pan (smoking hot!). Season the steak with salt and without pepper, since the pepper can be burnt very easily. Add the pepper at a later time, with the garlic, when the steak is almost done.

5. Now put the steak in the hot pan! “Maillard Reaction”, which is a chemical reaction between amino acids and reducing sugars that gives browned foods their desirable flavor (from Wikipedia), will take place during cooking.

6. Here comes the secret 1! Turn the steak every 15 to 20 seconds! This will make sure that the surface of the steak get enough heat to form the brown crust, while the inside will not get overcooked.

Ah, the brown crust!


7. Don’t cut the steak to see whether it is done since the juice can be lost, but use a thermometer and insert into the middle of the steak. 45C/113F for rare, 55C/131F for medium, and 65C/149F for well done steak.

8. Here comes the secret 2! After the steak is cooked, put it in a plate and have it rest for at least 5 minutesResting the steak will make sure that the juice get locked inside of the steak rather than flowing out.

Don’t worry about the steak getting cold, since after removed from the pan, the temperature of the steak can still rise a little bit without the heat from the pan because the center of it is still hot.

9. Now stare at the beautiful brown crust of the steak, and wait! 🙂


Waiting…… Waiting…… Waiting……

Well, I can cook something else! What about the pan-fried clams!


Ding! Five minutes!

Ah-ha! Time for lunch!


The steak is tender and juicy, thanks to the steps mentioned above. The crust is beautiful and flavorful. The meat is packed with juice and soft. We love it! The garlic is sweet, tender, and quite a complement to the steak. The thin cut raw cabbage help clear the mouth and make the steak taste even better.

Enjoy a little tea after lunch… Nice weekend!20150913-IMG_0736

I think these are very good steps to cook perfect steak. Please try them and let me know whether you enjoy the steak you cooked!


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