Eating in NYC (1) – Go! Go! Curry!

The foodie couple is back from New York City! It’s quite an experience to visit NYC, we enjoyed the city life, the busy road, and good food! In the following days, we will show you what we chose to eat in New York City and hope they can serve you as a future reference for your visit to New York City!

Go! Go! Curry!

We love Japanese Curry, thus we would like to try the “No.1 curry from Japan”.

This one is at 273 W 38th Street, and is close to the Penn Station where we stepped on Manhattan. It was packed when we arrived, all the tables were occupied and people were inside waiting for their orders, which showed the popularity.20150924-IMG_0803

The decoration inside is quite Japanese.20150924-IMG_0805 20150924-IMG_080820150924-IMG_0810

Single Katsu Curry and the Grand Slam Curry!

The Katsu Curry comes with the one pork Katsu, and the Grand Slam Curry comes with one pork and one chicken Katsu.
20150924-IMG_0809The curry is tasty and flavorful. The Katsu is crispy outside, tender inside. The tempura shrimp is fresh and savory. The pork sausage is fatty and a little sweet, almost burst when a bite is taken. The boiled eggs just add another layer of texture to everything. The shredded cabbage balance the heavy tastes with some freshness and light flavor.

We loved it!


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