Eating in NYC (1) – Go! Go! Curry!

The foodie couple is back from New York City! It’s quite an experience to visit NYC, we enjoyed the city life, the busy road, and good food! In the following days, we will show you what we chose to eat in New York City and hope they can serve you as a future reference for your visit to New York City!

Go! Go! Curry!

We love Japanese Curry, thus we would like to try the “No.1 curry from Japan”.

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Sunday Feast with Steak and How to Cook Perfect Steak!

Sunday is the day for resting and relaxing the body, but not the day to rest the stomach for the foodie couple! And we are having steak for lunch!

We love steaks, they are delicious and flavorful, satisfying to eat, easy to cook, and nutritious for our body. But how to cook the best steak at home?

I had watched a video long time ago on how to cook perfect steak, presented by Michelin-Starred Chef Heston Blumenthal.

In his video, he recommends the following steps to cook PERFECT steak:Read More »

Cafe Rio! Mexican Grill!

The foodie couple are not quite a fan of Mexican food, maybe because there are a lot of beans in them… However, we are having Mexican Grill tonight any way!

Before going to their restaurant, we tried to look it up online. The website of Cafe Rio is well built and every informative about there food, They use an interactive way to show you how there food are made from, and what you can expect. The red chili pepper hanging on both sides of the page are quite entertaining. 🙂

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