Hotel Review — Hyatt Escala Lodge at Park City

It is fall season now and it is the most colorful and beautiful season! The foodie couple went to Park City for the Labor Day getaway, and we stayed in the Hyatt Escala Lodge at Park City. This Hyatt Escala Lodge is a Category 4 Hyatt hotel, which costs 15,000 points, or free if the free night certificate from the Chase Hyatt Credit Card is applied.


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What Type Are You?

Happy Labor Day Weekend everyone! Where have you been for the holiday?

The foodie couple has come back from Strawberry Reservoir and Park City, and we are working on the reviews of the restaurants and hotels.

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Planning the NYC Trip with Points and Certificates from Credit Cards! (1)

We are going to visit New York! 🙂

Utah is our residential place, so that the west coast is our primary area for tour and visits. However, we would always like to go visit the east coast of the US, especially the NYC. The colorful city life day and night, the smell of art and history, and the diversity of culture, all attract us.

FOOD! The food is also a very attractive part for us the foodie couple! We would like to try different kind of food originated from all over the world. We would like to try the food trucks running on the street. It will definitely be a satisfying trip for us!

So, how can we get there, and where shall we stay?

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Hotel Review — Residence Inn Salt Lake City Downtown

It was Friday, and it was the foodie couple’s Lagoon Day. We went to Lagoon amusement park for some fun. The rides made us feel dizzy but thrilled, the bumper cars remind us the time as a kid, and the arcade brought us back to the good old time as teenagers. Just as we were enjoying ourselves in the park, a storm was reaching! All of a sudden the wind started to blow, the lighting started to strike, and the heavy rain started to pour. Luckily we brought enough clothes to cover, and we had enough Teriyaki Chicken and Sprite to keep us warm. 🙂

IMG_0524However, it was getting late but the rain was still dropping, where can we go?

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Hotel Review – Radisson Hotel Salt Lake City Airport

It was a weekend, and it was the Memorial Day in Utah. We drove to Salt Lake City for the Days of ’47 Rodeo event. This event was of great fun and it was our first time to watch the Rodeo. I personally loved the steer wrestling, bareback riding, and barrel racing. When everyone in the arena cheered for the cow girls during the barrel racing, it felt like we were cheering for the Utah Jazz, loud and energetic.

And I was amazed to see this, when a cow girl drove the three bulls to the top of the trailer. At that time, I was thinking about what those bulls were thinking when they were on the top :).


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