My Credit Cards Arsenal (9) – American Express Platinum Delta Skymiles Card

The American Express Platinum Delta Skymiles card is a Delta Airline co-branded credit card. This one is the three Delta co-branded credit cards: Gold Delta Skymiles, Platinum Delta Skymiles, and Delta Reserve. These three cards have different annual membership fees, and correspondingly different benefits offered. The Platinum Delta Skymiles fall into the middle, and has a reasonable fee and benefits just right for me, at least.


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Planning the NYC Trip with Points and Certificates from Credit Cards! (1)

We are going to visit New York! 🙂

Utah is our residential place, so that the west coast is our primary area for tour and visits. However, we would always like to go visit the east coast of the US, especially the NYC. The colorful city life day and night, the smell of art and history, and the diversity of culture, all attract us.

FOOD! The food is also a very attractive part for us the foodie couple! We would like to try different kind of food originated from all over the world. We would like to try the food trucks running on the street. It will definitely be a satisfying trip for us!

So, how can we get there, and where shall we stay?

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