Sunday Feast with Steak and How to Cook Perfect Steak!

Sunday is the day for resting and relaxing the body, but not the day to rest the stomach for the foodie couple! And we are having steak for lunch!

We love steaks, they are delicious and flavorful, satisfying to eat, easy to cook, and nutritious for our body. But how to cook the best steak at home?

I had watched a video long time ago on how to cook perfect steak, presented by Michelin-Starred Chef Heston Blumenthal.

In his video, he recommends the following steps to cook PERFECT steak:Read More »


Hearty Dinner for Friday — Japanese Curry!

Friday is here and weekend is at the corner! 🙂 What do the foodie couple use for celebrating the weekend?

Japanese curry!

We are curry lovers, Indian or Japanese. For Indian curry, we often eat in restaurant since the smell is so intense. For Japanese curry, we love to cook at home since it is easy and the smell is mild.Read More »