Eating in NYC (1) – Go! Go! Curry!

The foodie couple is back from New York City! It’s quite an experience to visit NYC, we enjoyed the city life, the busy road, and good food! In the following days, we will show you what we chose to eat in New York City and hope they can serve you as a future reference for your visit to New York City!

Go! Go! Curry!

We love Japanese Curry, thus we would like to try the “No.1 curry from Japan”.

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Cafe Rio! Mexican Grill!

The foodie couple are not quite a fan of Mexican food, maybe because there are a lot of beans in them… However, we are having Mexican Grill tonight any way!

Before going to their restaurant, we tried to look it up online. The website of Cafe Rio is well built and every informative about there food, They use an interactive way to show you how there food are made from, and what you can expect. The red chili pepper hanging on both sides of the page are quite entertaining. 🙂

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Noodle Weekend! Noodle Company & Ramen Breakfast

We LOVE noodles, no doubt about this.

I like the flavorful taste of Ramen and the deep aftertaste from the soup, especially in the snowy winter. I like the colorful presentation from the pasta, and the creaminess from the cheese on top. I like the Umami taste from the Pho, enjoying the last drip of the broth. I like all the other noodles, such as the Lamian, the stir-and-fried thick noodle, the Pad Thai… You name it!

This Friday, the foodie couple went to the Noodle Company for noodles!

So…What are we going to eat?


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Time for Food! Smashburger!

We are not actually burger fans. However, something you just need the greasy, meaty, and salty tastes, from the burger, and the crispy, oily, and starchy tastes, from the fries. Life needs to be colorful and different everyday, right? Just like this, getting out of the life to cook for ourselves everyday and eat out is quite satisfactory. No dish to wash, no cooker to clean, and no floor to mop. 🙂 It resembles a getaway from work, after sitting in front of the computer screen for weeks.

For a getaway, it is already paradise the moment you step on a plane. For dining out, it is already a good meal when you are seated comfortably and wait for the meal.

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